ImpaX Core Bump Helmet Size M/L

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Protect your skull from knocks and bangs with the ImpaX Core bump helmet from DLP Tactical. Cut in the familiar MICH 2001 Advanced Combat Helmet pattern, zero transition time is needed between the Pro-Tech bump helmet and the heavier ballistic equivalents. Perfect for high speed/ low drag operators who do not need bullet resistant protection or as a training/ simulation aid for when the heavier ballistic helmets are not desired. Nylon fiber shell exceeds ANSI standards for impact and bump protection. The Pro-Tech helmet can be comfortably used with modern communication headsets either worn under the helmet or attached to the side accessory rails. Mil-standard Night Vision Goggle mount can equip any number of NVG headsets, perfect for low-light operations. Standard M/L sizing fits 95% of users, adjustable H-Nape suspension system and reconfigurable internal helmet pads offer a sure fit no matter your head size. Mil-spec suspension mounting points allow the H-Nape liner to be fully replaceable with aftermarket dial liner suspension systems. DLP TACTICAL: Separating The Operators From The Amateurs

  • Lightweight, non-ballistic bump helmet
  • Excellent alternative to heavier armored armored helmets when bullet resistance is not needed or for training/ simulation. Heavy duty nylon fiber shell. CE Approved EN812 Industrial safety helmet, EN1385 Canoeing and water sports, EN12492 Mountaineering equipment
  • M/L size fits 95% of users, adjustable suspension system is replaceable with OPS-Core Luxe Liner and Team Wendy Dial Liner
  • ARC accessory rails and NVG night vision mount included