Hakkotsu HTA High Tube AR Stock Adapter for Remington 870 Series Shotgun

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    "Hakkotsu" - The Japanese expression for a bleached white skull, the omen of death. Transform your Remington 870 series shotgun with our Hakkotsu HTA AR stock adapter and build the ultimate skull blasting boomstick! 
  • Allows the use of any AR-15 type telescoping stocks and pistol grip on your Remington 870 series shotgun
  • Accepts any standard AR-15 pistol grip without a beavertail, or one having a flexible rubber beavertail
  • “High Tube” design provides sight picture like a traditional AR (“Low Tube” model for traditional shotgun sight picture also available)
  • Compatible with our Side Folding Stock adapter
  • Integral QD Sling Socket