Fully-loaded Custom Impax MT Bump Helmet Demonstrator (Special)

Regular price $549.00

Built by our techs as product demonstrator, fully assembled and ready to rock! Only 1 available and at a special discounted price!


-DLP Tactical Impax MT Bump Helmet Shell (M/L size)
         Passes international safety certifications:
         EN 812-2012 (military bump protection/ industrial safety)
         EN 1385-2012 (maritime / rafting / canoeing)
         EN 12492-2012 (mountaineering/ climbing helmet)
         (International EN safety ratings exceed comparable ANSI certification standards)
-Custom Kryptek Typhon Finish
-DLP Tactical Skeleton 3-Hole NVG shroud
-DLP Tactical NVG Bungees
-DLP Tactical MT MLOK style ARC Rails
-DLP Tactical CNC Machined Prototype Headset Adaptors for Howard Leight / Walker Razor / Earmor Headsets
-OPSMEN Earmor M32H Electronic Hearing Protection / Communication Headset
-DLP Tactical ImpaX Extreme helmet pad set
-DLP Tactical Quick release Goggle strap / gas mask buckles
-DLP Tactical premium hook & loop set for MT style helmets
-DLP Tactical HS-4 IFF helmet strobe with steady-on green & strobing white LED light modes