NVG Counterweight Kit for OPS-Core / Crye / MICH / Team Wendy helmets

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The DLP Tactical Counterweight Kit is a customizable weight management system with five (5) 70g removable weights that fit into five elastic pockets. Designed for use on helmets both with or without ARC Rails, the total weight of the system is 0.85 lbs. Each internal elastic pocket can stretch to fit one or two weights. When one weight is installed, the elastic can stretch further to accommodate a battery as well for dual purpose storage. the elastic can fit AA, AAA, or 123 batteries. The Counterweight Kit mounts to the rear of the helmet using existing helmet holes. Included anchors remain on the helmet while the counterweight assembly can be removed quickly and reattached as needed. The back of the counterweight pouch assembly features hook Velcro attachment for proper and secure positioning on the back of a veclro equipped helmet. The DLP-Tactical Counterweight Kit has a Chemlight window and Velcro patch for Glint Tape for use with low light IFF. Counterweights are a good way to balance the helmet while deploying night vision goggles. They aid in the comfort of the helmet over long use duration be keeping it from nose-diving due to the cantilevered weight of the goggles. The DLP Tactical Counterweight System is very low profile and boasts the most secure design of any helmet counterweight on the market due to the fact that it attaches via Velcro and the rear bolts of the helmet.

  • Customizable weight management system designed to enhance comfort and reduce neck strain.
  • (5) 70g removable weights; and (5) elastic pockets (total weight: 0.85lbs/385g); Elastic pockets can stretch to fit (2) weights or (1) weight and (1) battery (AA, AAA or 123)
  • Mounts to the rear of the helmet using the existing helmet holes. Fits most tactical helmets on the market, OPS-Core FAST & Maritime, MICH/ ACH, Team Wendy Exfil, Crye Airframe, and more!
  • Rear Velcro attachment ensures motion free and secure positioning.
  • Window for Chemlight® and Velcro® patch for Glint tape for use with low light IFF.