DLP Tactical Flip Cover Lens Protector for EOtech 511 / 512 / 551 / 552

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DLP Tactical Flip Up Lens Covers for the EOTech series of weaponsights provide cheap insurance for your pricey lenses. The DLP Tactical EOTech Lens Covers are spring-operated for instant depolyment and completely ambidextrous. The DLP Tactical Lens Covers are quickly installed between the EOTech hood and the body of the EOTech housing. When the front lens cover is open, it doubles as a sun shade for the sight and is designed fold back on itself so that it is not damaged should it encounter an obstruction. The Rear Lens Cover folds neatly out of the way on the top of the sight when open, so as not to intrude on the field of view. Because of the contours of the EOTech housing, the GDLP Tactical Lens Covers are not 100% waterproof, but they do prevent most dust, debris, rain and snow from accumulating on the lenses. These unique lens covers can be easily operated with either hand to provide flexibility of operation.

  • Lens covers are spring operated for easy operation
  • Ambidextrous operation
  • Front lens cover serves as sun shade when open
  • When open, rear lens cover folds conveniently on top of hood