Cornersnipe Right Angle Sight Adapter

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The Cornersnipe has dual path optics and allows the shooter to immediately transition from a concealed shot to a standard shoulder aimed shot without repositioning the optic on the weapon. There when you need it, invisible when you don't.

The Cornersnipe rotates 360º and allows the shooter the flexibility to hold the weapon and aim through the side port at any direction: left, right, above, etc.

The Cornersnipe is a fully ruggedized 1x optical sight that seamlessly integrates and compliments a wide variety of weapon sights including 1x tactical scopes, laser sights and iron sights.

The Cornersnipe is compatible with any caliber weapon including rifles, shotguns, handguns and less lethal weapons fitted with a picatinny rail.

The Cornersnipe is entirely optical, requires no zeroing, calibration or external power source.

Mil-spec polymer construction.

Dot sight not included.