EMG Tactical Dummy Training SAPI Plate Insert with Side Plates Size Medium (Set of Four)

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The EMG Tactical Dummy SAPI Training plates are the ultimate training aid for your tactical lifestyle. As MOLLE carrier vests are designed to carry ballistic plates and yet many commercial MOLLE carrier vests are sold without them, your vest won't look right without a EMG Tactical Dummy Training Plates occupying the space and giving your vest the correct shape and structure. No longer do you need to risk unnecessary wear or damage to your armor plates during range drills or tactical exercises. The EMG Tactical Dummy SAPI Training Plates are identical in size and shape to real SAPI plates, and is made of extremely durable high density EVA foam. DLP TACTICAL - SEPARATING THE OPERATORS FROM THE AMATEURS

  • Non-ballistic Dummy Training plates add correct shape and form to your MOLLE carrier vest during training exercises without risking damage to your expensive, real armor plates.
  • Heavy duty high density EVA foam construction, can also be used as flotation plates (not rated as a life preserver)
  • Identical in shape, curvature, and thickness to real SAPI armor plates
  • 10x13 Size Medium front and back plates, 6x6 medium side plates
  • Set of four; comes with front plate, black plate, and side plates