Comtech Stinger II James Keating Self Defense Manipulator Key Chain

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Comtech James Keating Self Defense Manipulator Key Chain Stinger
The Stinger is a perfect tool for self defense. Light, durable and effective it can be used by anyone, anywhere and in any situation where you need to defend yourself.
When held properly with the blunt tip protruding in between the middle and ring finger, the Stinger aligns itself with the arm bones and its blunt nose becomes an effective focus for the energy from your punch. This allows non-lethal but equally effective self defense in a dangerous situation.
Carry hand still retains over 50% of its normal manual dexterity when used, and with the key chain attachment you can take this potentially life-saving tool anywhere and always have it close at hand!
Can also be used in healing arts such as acupressure.
Made in USA
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